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Domestic Logistics
Domestic Logistics

Import clearance

Able to provide customers from the world's major ports to efficient, fast seaborne imports each of the major ports of the country, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution services.

The main products are as follows:

Chemicals, raw materials (plastic rice, pulp, metals, minerals, rubber, plates, etc.) agricultural products, fast moving consumer goods bonded or general trade import goods.

Inland shipping

Professional collaboration team, the main co-owner has: CSCL, COSCO ZHONGGU etc.

Main routes

Xiamen - Whampoa / Zhongshan / Haikou / Qinzhou / North Sea

Tianjin - Shanghai / Xiamen / Whampoa / Haikou / North Sea

Qingdao - Shanghai / Yingkou / Whampoa / Haikou / North Sea

Huangpu - Xiamen / Quanzhou / Shanghai / Tianjin / Yingkou
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