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Qualification certification
Testimonials are: Organization Code
· Company tax registration certificate
· Business license
· Entrepreneurs Association Member
· International Freight Forwarders qualification
If the company is good, it may also be more. Some companies may not have so much back to the required certificate does not specify how much must be said, of course, "license" and "business license" This is necessary.
Do you mean to open an international freight forwarding company, or do you personally do freight forwarders.
If it is to start a company, we need the establishment of industrial and commercial registration, approved by the State Economic and Trade Ministry.
If an individual do freight forwarding, international freight forwarding industry needs through the national qualification examination No test can do, huh, depends on the individual operational capacity
International logistics industry, do sea air, there are two types of qualifications,
One is NVOCC, namely NVOCC, registered capital of 500 million or more, and another 800,000 deposit, belonging to the Ministry of Transportation for approval.
The other is a freight forwarding (corresponding there two, three freight), the registered capital of 500 million or more, belong to the Ministry of Foreign Trade approved, it can open dollar invoice
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