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With the pace of western logistics center to build the progressive realization of the logistics cluster development trend

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Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Xiamen, Xiamen Port container ...... In recent years, along with the province to build the western logistics center pace, a number of modern, specialized logistics park is on the rise, and gradually realize the logistics cluster development trend.

CCPIT Fujian related parties, the upcoming "2016 China International Logistics Fair, will be held in our province" key project promotion and focus signing ceremony ", focusing on support dry port, bonded logistics center and bonded parks. Among them, only Xiamen Port had Jianghai transport, Xiamen - Shanghai's container feeder liner and other four projects signed, the supporting role of the logistics park development of pillar industries gradually.

Logistics cluster with a good set of key industries in recent years, integrated transport hub in the western support, the logistics industry to stick with the focus of the province's pillar industries layout and manufacturing base, the introduction of major projects matched with western commercial center, financial center construction phase integration, and strive to achieve the logistics cluster development trend.

The province's logistics center in Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou region's most influential logistics base flow node cities, all have added to the team to build a logistics center in the west, across the province logistics industry is sailing.
Logistics Park is reported to accelerate economic development, the province focused on the development of logistics planning area (logistics park, logistics center) The total area of ​​62500 acres, has standardized construction of 180 million square meters warehouse. New warehouse park widespread use of advanced control systems, automation, a higher degree of perspective.

Professional, intelligent, information-based logistics park, is for the province to build a logistics center in West accelerated, becoming leveraging regional economic development, "fulcrum." Imported goods one hour to get to the factory ...... Logistics Park (center) for the industrial development of important supporting role gradually appear, not only to meet the needs of industrial restructuring in Fujian, have become a powerful engine for economic development in Fujian booster center construction.

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