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Xiamen modern logistics enterprises go?

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Xiamen modern logistics enterprises go?
E-commerce transaction volume growth of China in recent years has maintained rapid growth momentum. Orders have come face, e-commerce has brought huge demand for logistics, logistics enterprises ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development, but the logistics warehouse explosion heard the news, consumer complaints are endless logistics enterprises, logistics for e-commerce bottleneck restricting the development of increasingly prominent.

First, the development of modern logistics Problems

Relatively rapid development of e-commerce, modern logistics construction is lagging behind, often delays delivery, error and so on, can not meet the rapid, accurate, and timely logistics service requirements. The reason mainly in infrastructure, management system, management, logistics, personnel quality and other aspects.

1. logistics infrastructure and distribution management methods are backward

Logistics and distribution infrastructure, lower electronic, information technology degree. Modernization of transport networks, planning and management of distribution centers, storage facilities configuration, the upgrading of transport and distribution, logistics management and optimization mode of operation is not in place and so severely hindered the coordinated development of e-commerce and modern logistics.

2. The management system and management level deficiencies

Logistics enterprise management capabilities, organizational setup, technical level, and even change the corporate culture and moral values, but there is a gap and logistics needs.
The traditional mode of operation of the logistics business logistics so long and cumbersome internal processes orders received from the settlement, the relevant aspects of their own way, an entire operation is divided into several departments orders range management, such as a baton like a cross, handling of personnel and post more, long process and error-prone, internal operational efficiency greatly reduced. Organizations, there is a big job and the department set up to optimize space.
Another example is the lack of scientific storage management system, can not be scientific prediction market capacity, resulting in insufficient warehousing personnel reserve or redundancy, lack of storage space, warehouse explosion prone, goods placed disorderly, unregulated warehousing, goods missing; Again lack of good logistics and distribution system, resulting in prolonged retention of goods circulation, distribution and receipt is not timely, so as to increase operating costs, reduce customer satisfaction.
3. standardization and information needed to keep up with logistics development work
Lack of standard interfaces between information systems such as the lack of an effective interface between e-commerce enterprise logistics information system with third-party logistics information system, can not be completely transportation information systems between the docking, warehousing information systems, logistics and operations management information system and communication, human The increase of unnecessary communication costs.

4. Logistics scarcity of talent
Whether employees have a high knowledge of e-commerce and modern logistics and operational experience, a direct impact on the survival and development of enterprises. Of the lack of a certain scale logistics education system, set up logistics-related courses are not many universities, the logistics industry related personnel training and transport will be restricted.
Mobility of logistics enterprises is relatively frequent staff turnover in more than 30% of the basic logistics business for the management, operation, technical incentives the central figure of the culture is not enough, is also the main cause of the logistics of brain drain.

Second, the effective countermeasures of modern logistics development

Modern logistics enterprises need from information technology, organizational set up, the management system, corporate culture, operational standards, personnel training to strengthen investment and create teams to adapt to the needs of the logistics market and operational mechanism, to provide quality and efficient service standards.

1. Establish information as the core of modern logistics

In the e-commerce model, modern logistics enterprises can make full use of the advantages of establishing a network of information systems and network platforms to carry merchandise logistics tracking, customer response mode, information processing and delivery system, provide better distribution and after-sales service.
Pay attention to the flow of information construction. Modern logistics process flow of information plays a pre calculation flow path, real-time monitoring delivery process, after the feedback analysis and so on. Modern logistics require enterprises in the actual operation path to simplify operations, reduce errors and error, the link link smooth, less dwell time. The establishment of good information processing and transmission systems, fast, accurate access to sales and distribution of goods tracking feedback information to improve service level of logistics enterprises, improve the efficiency of e-commerce, to win the trust of customers, and continue to reduce costs.

2. The establishment of a scientific internal management system
Modern logistics enterprises need organizational design from the start, combining business mode of operation, design and efficient operation of the organization mechanisms and sort out various business processes, develop in line with customer demand for operational standards. Organizational design and adjustments to be flexible, the flexibility to build a team based on customer needs and quickly respond to customer needs. But also with information technology, standardization of all operational aspects of management and supervision, improve operational efficiency, ensure the quality of business operations, improve customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs and maximize profits.

3. Strengthening the Modern Logistics Talents
Integrated logistics management, integrated supply chain management logistics personnel is an important support. With a focus on training decision makers of modern logistics management concepts and advanced logistics technology, management personnel, technical personnel and operational personnel, strengthen the training of IT personnel training and logistics practitioners IT knowledge and skills, it is to completely change the field of logistics IT level behind the key.

Modern logistics enterprises should seize the opportunity of rapid development of e-commerce, Kanji to Zhiyuan, timely adjustment of the internal management system, improve the hardware and software services, modern logistics personnel reserve, and achieve coordinated development of e-commerce.

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